Professional Tax Service


Professional Tax Service

Business Entity Formation For Small Businesses


A small business is generally defined as a business with less than 50 employees or $5,000,000 annually in sales. Chrysler Corporation once qualified as a small business by Congress to get a Small Business Loan especially des...

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Honesty in Business and Life


Nobody is perfect because survival is sometimes more important. During a homicide investigation my Detective client told me that most murders are based on sex, money or both. With these genetic survival instincts [substitute meat for money] now satisfied socially, the equation becomes easier to manage as we become ci...

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Social Security


Most people elect the reduced rate of 80% when filing at age 62 instead of 66 which it is Full Retirement Age today. Medicare benefits begin at age 65 however, so a person has a blackout period of medical insurance until that age. Another consideration is that if a spouse has died before you are age 62, there is a bl...

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Audit Reconsideration


An audit reconsideration results from a taxpayer ignoring or missing an audit. During an audit there are appeal periods [even if not attended on the appointment date]. First, a letter appears in the mail showing horrendous liability from all audit items being taxed by default. There is a chance to appeal to the IRS ...

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Califonia Employment Development Department (EDD)


Most people are unaware that unjust unemployment decisions to quit paying benefits, or to deny benefits for any of a hundred reasons, can be appealed.

Just notify the EDD promptly that you are appealing their last decision. All future benefits will be on hold until you get your day in court. It is not such a...

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Corporate and Business Tax Preparation and Returns


In addition to offering assistance with Personal Income Tax preparation, Phillip B. Chute is highly trained in corporate and business tax compliance and provides small business and full-service corporate income tax preparation for any sized company, from the sole proprietorship to partnerships to larger multi-faceted...

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Income Tax Return Preparation and Filing Help


Expert Tax Preparation
Temecula Tax Service provides thorough, tax and audit services that are effective and reliable from an experienced Enrolled Agent.

We provide expert tax planning, preparation and consulting services for individuals, small business...

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CPA or EA, Which is Best


Many wonder what the differences are between a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and an EA (Enrolled Agent).

In short, CPAs have to know a great deal about auditing, accounting, tax, business law, valuation, personal finance, planning of various kinds and myriad other things.

EAs must k...

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Delinquent or Unfiled Tax Returns


Do you have delinquent taxes or unfiled previous tax returns? We will assist you! We can prepare up to ten years back tax returns, both state and federal. There is a statute of limitations on back taxes owed, which expires after ten years, but this does not affect delinquent tax returns not filed.

Our fee...

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Business Sale Negotiation


Every successful business receives offers to sell franchisers buy back their franchises or negotiate transfers, businesses are sold by realtor-brokers or trade association listings. Sometimes the competition or retired people try a hand at acquiring your business or the competition wants to expand their empire. I have ...

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