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Professional Tax Service

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Expert Tax Services for over 30 Years

At Temecula Tax Service we provide expert tax related services including; year-round tax preparation and tax consulting for individuals as well as LLC's, partnerships, corporations, small businesses, self-employed, and home based businesses.

Our tax preparation professionals also provide assistance in setting up and maintaining business structures and compliance, bookkeeping services and financial statement review. Other services include setting up, preparation and filing of sales and payroll tax returns, W2's, 1099 and depreciation schedules. We prepare filings for all tax credits, including earned income credit, additional child tax credit, educational credits, hybrid vehicle credits, energy credits, first-time home buyer credits and many more.

Phillip B. Chute is an Enrolled Agent, tested, licensed and appointed by the IRS directly. He has prepared or supervised over 25,000 tax returns over 30 years. These are individual, business, fiduciary, estate, corporate, partnership, and many kinds of business entities. He has also represented clients in hundreds of audits including payroll and sales, tax, secured and unsecured property taxes, workman's compensation, Labor Board, IRS and FTB office and field individual taxes, corporate taxes, and estate taxes.

By selecting an IRS licensed Enrolled Agent, like Attorneys and Certified Public Accountants, to handle your taxes, you are assured a superior level of taxation expertise - so you can be confident of thorough, insightful service and uncommon professionalism that makes a real difference.

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Tax Resolution Services ... Phillip's experience of helping people solve their tax problems and stay out or get out of trouble through negotiating or reaching a resolution with the IRS is one of his specialties.

Tax Problems ... Phillip's knowledge to evaluate tax debt situations and recommending every solution available to resolve IRS tax problems. Back taxes, IRS Liens, or other problem?

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Temecula, Anza, Murrieta, Wildomar, Menifee, Winchester, Greer Ranch, Morgan Hill and RedHawk.

Our Personal Guarantee

Temecula Tax Service provides more than just tax preparation and filing. With Temecula Tax Service we guarantee you will pay the least amount of taxes legally possible allowing you to keep more of your very hard-earned dollars. Most of our clients realize a tax savings that far exceed the costs of our services.

Professional Tax Services

At Temecula Tax Services, we know taxation and are experts in all areas, including corporate, estate, individual, partnership and federal, local and state taxes. You can count on us for professional, timely and reliable services.

Expert Audit Representation

Recently Mr. Chute Initiated and represented tax audit appeals to supervision and five beyond that to Tax Court Appeals. My last office audit from the IRS business audit group in San Diego was a "no change" audit in 2010. - Won all of the Tax Court Appeals

Investment Strategy and Financial Planning

With the extensive financial and investing background, Phillip B. Chute, EA has the skills necessary to guide you through (based on your individual needs) the best practices for investment as it relates to return versus tax liability.

Our Customers

Temecula Tax Services ability to deliver professional services that meet and exceed customer expectations. The following is a brief list of comments sent to us from our clients.


Felix Sanchez

Thanks so much for your help with our tax withholding election form. Phillip B. Chute, EA, has been our consultant for more than 10 years and we can honestly say that we received exceptional services during that time. He keeps current with the ever-changing laws/regulations and is very thorough in preparing our tax statement which resulted in refunds for most years. Thank you Phillip for all your help through the years.


Nathan Bryant

We have been using Phil for over 10 years and still use him for taxes filed in Ca. Hi. NC. & SC. We have had complicated tax returns that Phil has been able to navigate through without difficulty and he has been very professional. I would highly recommend him for anyone requiring a complicated or easy tax return.


Heidi Lopez

Phillip helped me with my California Sales Tax Audit. Phillip has a high degree in tax law and is always friendly. I enjoy that he can be so helpful with his relax attitude and made me very comfortable during the entire process. We had a successful audit with no monies owed to Board of Equalization. I highly recommend Phillip for all of your tax concerns.


Gary Rubio

Mr. Chute has been our personal and Corp. accountant for over 38 years. We have been through IRS, Board of Equalization, and EDD audits over they years. Both Corp. and personal. With his expertise and efficiency we came through with no major problems. He has saved me a lot of costly and wasted money over the years.


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